***NOTE: We are not yet ready to receive donations online. We are still working out our plan. Stay tuned. If you would like to donate later on you can email us at helpsavegrub@grubchico.org with your pledge amount and we will contact you when we are ready to receive it. Thank you  for all your care and support :)…


We are currently at risk of losing our long time home and hub for many GRUB based activities.

Many in Chico have been inspired over the past 7 years by GRUB. Many of our activities including the GRUB Cooperative Intentional Community, Heartseed Farm, G.R.U.B. Grown Nursery, a community garden space, Compassionate Communication classes, and even a bike shop, Old Spokes Home Chico, are based out of a 40 acre piece of property at 1525 Dayton Rd. There are also many community workshops and events that have taken place out here over the years.

We are now in the position to be pushed off the land. The current ownership must sell it. We are reaching out to the community for help to secure this vital piece of Chico history and agricultural land on the greenline.

We are looking for help raising money and/or finding someone with the capital to purchase this property who supports us in continuing. We are exploring all options at this point.

Please help by spreading the word and “like” and “share” our Facebook page

Email: helpsavegrub@grubchico.org

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